Device Repair Terms & Conditions

By leaving your device with us you accept the minimum booking fee for the repair or assessment is $60.00. This fee applies to EACH device and is non-refundable even if the device is NOT repairable. This fee covers technician time to assess the device.

You understand assessing or repairing your device may result in loss of user-generated data. We recommend you make a backup of data elsewhere prior to this repair. If you have not made a backup prior to the repair, you will not hold us, our employees (or any subcontractors we use) liable for loss or damage whatsoever if any of your stored data is lost.

You are aware & accept that while we have your device, we may have access to your user-generated data including stored contacts, photos, songs & electronic documents. You accept that we, our employees (and any subcontractors we use) will NOT intentionally view or share your data, but you give us unrestricted permission to make a copy of any/all your data for the sole purpose of backing up your device.

You understand & accept that our business, our employees (and any subcontractors we use) may not be warranty repair agents & therefore ANY repair work attempted may void the balance of any manufacturer warranty on your device. By leaving your device with us you agree to NOT hold us liable for any warranty repair or replacement of your device.

You understand that new and/or refurbished parts may be used to complete your repair. Under Australian Consumer Law this means we must tell you that “Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.” You agree this does NOT mean we will completely replace your device, but rather the repair part(s) used to complete your repair may be new and/or refurbished.

You understand & accept that you should contact us to arrange payment and/or collection of your device within 90 days of booking. If your property is not collected within 90 days you consent to transferring ownership of the items to our business Yarrum Group Pty Ltd. Your item may then be then on-sold or recycled to recover costs. We do not need to seek your permission to do this & you will forfeit any right or claim over those items and/or any fee/deposit originally paid.

All repairs completed by our technician come with a three (3) month in-store warranty. Warranty is limited to parts/labour of the failed component only (ie the part that was replaced). Our warranty does not cover return postage costs, your loss of use, loss of data, additional work or other incidental costs/losses. Warranty does not apply to damages like cracked or broken screens, dents, scratches, liquid spills or other accidental damage. Warranty is also not available for repair parts purchased in-store where the parts are not installed by our technician. We reserve the right to refuse warranty on items displaying any physical damage at our discretion.