Darwin Top End Computer Hardware Services

Darwin Top End Computer Hardware Services

Top end tech solutions

Upgrade your tech game with DTECHS – your one-stop-shop for innovative computer, hardware, and networking solutions. DTECHS team are here to support businesses in the Top End.

Located in Darwin Corporate Park, the DTECHS team are here to support businesses in the Top End with all your technical needs. Having operated in the Alice Springs region as Alicetronics for over 10 years we have the experience and knowledge to find the right solutions for your business.

featured products & services

Starlink Installation

Starlink install integration specialist for B2B clients, we can provide installation and technical support for businesses looking to set up and maintain their Starlink satellite internet systems, ensuring reliable and high-speed internet connectivity.

IT and comms solutions

IT and comms solutions provider – DTECHS can offer businesses a range of technology-related services, such as network design and implementation, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more, to help them manage and enhance their operations.

4G and 5G solutions

DTECHS can provide long-range 4G and 5G solutions, which enable businesses to connect remote areas with high-speed internet, ensuring reliable connectivity for remote workers, IoT devices, and other applications that require fast and stable data transfer.

large-area LAN solutions

DTECHS can offer mesh large-area LAN solutions that create wireless networks using interconnected devices, known as nodes, to cover large areas with a single network, without the need for extensive cabling or infrastructure. This can be useful in settings like factories, warehouses, or outdoor spaces.

EV charging communications

As a provider of EV charging communications solutions, DTECHS can help businesses manage and operate electric vehicle charging stations, providing payment processing, authentication, and remote management capabilities to ensure smooth and efficient charging experiences for EV drivers.

CCTV installation services

DTECHS can also provide CCTV installation services to businesses, helping them set up security systems to monitor their premises and deter criminal activity. This could involve installing cameras, configuring the software, and providing ongoing technical support.

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